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Do you have a dell Latitude e5540 with bios or hard drive password locked ?
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Dell Latitude e5540 Bios Pasword Unlock
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Picture on the right shows a dell laptop locked by the
1f66 algorithm

The message comes with a screen that reads:

This computer system is protected by a password
authentication system. You can not access the data on
this computer without the correct password. Please type
in the system or administrator password and press

Note that we have the password to unlock your laptop if
you see a similar boot screen.
Dell Latitude e5540 Hard Drive Password Unlock your Laptop or notebook
Type # from your laptop screen
Type Laptop Model #

Type # from your laptop screen
Type Laptop Model #
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Posted On 05/19/2016
  * Unlock Dell Laptop & Notebook from Bios Version 6FF1 or 1F66
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