Attention: Dear Visitors, Only make the payment if your laptop produces 5 or 8 numbers, if it does, we can
help you, guaranteed, remember to send the full Number as shown, with the laptop model number to, thanks!
Enter # Displayed on screen
Enter Laptop model #
For all HP Laptop that display 5 or 8 numbers, we just need the numbers
displayed, as shown in picture 2, attention: these numbers are displayed after 3
wrong attempts, so just hit enter 3 times and your laptop will display any numbers,
send it to us.
no hard drive password support, bios and supervisor psw only
Removing HP DV9000 Bios Password, step 1:  turn on your HP laptop and a power on password box is
displayed, now press enter 3 times.
Removing HP DV9000 Bios Password, step 2:   System Disabled, your HP laptop displayed  5 or 8 numbers
code, we have the HP bios password for your laptop.
Numbers in this
picture is for display
purpose only every
laptop has a
different code
Removing HP DV9000 Bios Password, step 3: buy the HP password removal service and send us the 5
numbers and the laptop model number to
Hp Password, HP Bios Password.
Administrator password, and power on password.
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BIOS Password for all HP Pavillion: DV9000
Here are the steps to unlock you HP laptop.
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