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Remove Dell precision Bios password
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* After making the payment, turn on your Laptop and send the
full Dell Service tag displayed on the white and grey screen to
and you will get your, Master password within 2 business Hours
Dell Bios password for Dell precision:  M20, M2300, M2400, M40, M4300, M4400,
M4500, M50, M60, M6300, M6400, M65, M6500, M70, M90, M6600
Enter # Displayed on screen
Enter Laptop model #
Bios password for Dell precision : M20, M2300, M2400, M40, M4300, M4400,
M4500, M50, M60, M6300,  M6400, M65, M6500, M6600 M70, M90,
When making the Payment Turn on your
Dell laptop and send us the full numbers
displayed on the screen using the form
on PayPal button below or send it by
e-mail to
Solution For Dell Laptop displaying message,
This computer System is protected by a password,
If your dell display numbers ending with 1F5A click hre,1D3B click here